Business group joins Explore Pahiatua

Joint venture ‘makes sense’

Alison Franklin





The decision to bring the proposed Pahiatua Districts Business Group under the umbrella of Explore Pahiatua was a “no-brainer” for the committee. Led by local business people Ingrid De Graaf and Ali Romanos, the group will become a sub-committee of the incorporated society, which will allow them to work together and create continuity and cohesion within the business community. Explore Pahiatua already has an extensive collection of community portfolios and including the Business Group will add a new dimension to the collective. “It makes sense when effectively we all have the same goals and aspirations to connect and empower the business community within Pahiatua and Districts to promote sustainability and success,” Ingrid said. “Working in unison will provide a stronger platform and have a positive influence on the prosperity of our community.” A recruitment drive will begin in earnest next month to try to bring as many local businesses on board as possible. “We have an array of exciting events coming up and after the two difficult years through Covid, it is gratifying to see beyond the horizon at last.” The plan is for a monthly events calendar through to Christmas with local workshops to encourage, inspire and inform local businesses. Proposed information evening workshops include cyber security, social media, online sales and marketing. Social events will also bring the business community together and these will include the traditional BA5 gettogethers. “It is sometimes a perception that online sales are taking over from retail sales; however, there is a unique opportunity for these to work successfully, hand-in-hand,” Ingrid said. “We have an excellent example right here in our own district with the New Zealand Natural Clothing Company at Norsewood whose reputation goes well beyond New Zealand via online sales with customers across the globe buying online. “This business is an incredible inspiration and a business model that uses retail sales with online sales very effectively and so we see an opportunity here to learn from the best.” Once an events calendar is established, the Pahiatua District’s Business Group, closely alongside the Explore Pahiatua Committee, on a national level, plans to focus on promoting Pahiatua to encourage new businesses to the town. The group will also lobby for, and on behalf of, the business community. Sitting underneath the new Business Group mission statement and vision are six key principles that demonstrate the importance of working together. “Enjoyment is the key, being community-minded is imperative, and exploring new possibilities and collaborating, while recognising the community’s grassroots, will empower businesses to forge ahead.” Businesses in the district can expect to hear from the group within the next few weeks.